The Friday Review


Hello Lovely Readers!

Zoe Sugg (Vlogger, Youtuber, Author etc etc) launched her Zoella beauty range in September 2014 breaking sales records at Superdrug with products selling out on the first day.  She then launched her new Tutti Fruity range in July 2015 and this broke sales records from the previous year.  Even so I had never bought into the hype and hadn’t tried any of her products.  Maybe it was time to give them a go.


I really wanted to try the Bath Bombinis but they were out of stock online and Superdrug stated they didn’t know if or when they would be getting them back in stock so instead I went for one of the Tutti Fruity products – The Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer.  The packaging is super cute and inside you get a white bar which you can break into four.  Judging by the colour of the fizzer I didn’t think it was going to do amazing things to the water colour and I wasn’t wrong.  It doesn’t really change the colour at all, it just fizzes nicely at the bottom of the tub and emits a lovely fragrance (very sweet as you can imagine).


I would buy this again as it smelt so nice and it was very pleasant to relax in the bath with it.  Also at £5.00 from Superdrug it’s pretty reasonably priced.  For Zoe’s next range though I would love to see some colourful bath items that I can lust over – maybe some bubble bars or even her own range of bath bombs.

Christina x



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